Off-site Parking
Near to Ercan Airport

Only 10 mins
Shuttle To Terminal

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Ercan Airport Park & Ride (Reservation Required)

Car Cover Option

Due to popular demand we now have high quality car covers for use when leaving your car with us. Why protect yourself from just the Sun when you can protect yourself from Wind, Rain, Snow, Ice and UV Rays! 

Why do I need a Car Cover? Why a Car Cover?  The first thing that must be said about car covers – they are a great protection for your car. They’ll increase the life of your car, they’ll keep your car clean and protect it from the harsh Cyprus sun.


Our Off-Airport Park & Ride or Valet Options

  • Private Secure Airport Parking Area
  • Our Short Term parking is Secure and Easy
  • Best Choice for Long-term Ercan Airport Parking

Park your car in the car park a short distance away from the airport and take a shuttle to the check-in area of the airport. Works just like any park and ride in a city centre. We have a CCTV security system with 24/7 recording. Normally this is the most cost-effective option with a 10-minute transfer time.


Drive toward the car park by following the detailed driving directions (including a map) you will receive upon completing your booking. You will get them via Whatsapp & Email . Afterwards, the first available shuttle vehicle will transfer you immediate to the ercan airport.


Pickup your luggage, head towards the exit and call the phone number you will receive upon completing your booking via Whatsapp & Email. After you inform the car park you have arrived, the car park’s shuttle vehicle will come to pick you up and take you back to the facility.

Immediate Shuttle Transfer 6′ Shuttle transport time

AyazPark is located at very close point near the airport. Only vehicles with a booking will be serviced. You can make a online secure booking with Paypal. You will receive an Whatsapp & an email with a map and driving directions when you complete your booking.

  • 24h CCTV
  • Gated parking facility
  • You can keep your keys
  • Car Cover Option. covered extension that protects your vehicle from the sun [extra charge] – Subject to availability

For the dates you have selected, by booking at AyazPark you get 1 hour of additional parking time free of charge. Pretty useful if you decide to arrive earlier at the car park or there is a delay on your return.


Valet Parking

You will take your car to a drop-off area at the airport where we will meet & Greet you. We will park your car at the allocated car park for you while you make your way to the check-in area. On your return again we will meet & greet you to hand over your car to you.

Great for families with kids but a bit more in price than our Park & Ride car parks.


Shuttle Parking

Better named “Parking on airport grounds”. If you do need to use a shuttle bus, it will be a short journey. On arrival at the car park, if you find the parking area just as you expected after booking, this will give you a good feeling and you will be calm on your way to the airport terminal.

Click here to request you pre-booking space?

Specially on weekends or public holidays booking is recommended.

Many travelers choose traditional on-site airport parking for air travel for several reasons, including:

  • Familiarity: On-site airport parking has traditionally been the primary parking option for air travel. This means that many people were exposed to this parking option during family vacations or other air travel experiences, giving the traditional airport parking process a familiar feel.
  • Higher Cost: On-site airport parking tends to be the most expensive option as it offers the convenience of being close to the terminals.
  • Trust: Due to the facility being run by the airport, many traveler’s have heightened trust in the security and reliability of onsite airport parking.
  • Proximity: Onsite airport parking’s proximity to terminals is a primary motivator for traveler’s who want to get to and from their flight in a quick and easy manner.
  • Traffic Congestion: Choosing on-site airport parking means navigating through high-traffic areas within the airport premises, which can be time-consuming and stressful.
  • Limited Availability: Finding an available parking space can be challenging, especially during peak travel periods. This uncertainty adds to the stress of time-sensitive situations.
  • Distance to Terminals: Depending on the size of the airport, the parking lot may still require a significant walk or shuttle ride to reach the terminal, which can be inconvenient, especially with heavy luggage.

The detracting factors of on-site airport parking include:

  • Price & Cost Savings, Save Your Money : On-site airport parking is the most expensive airport parking option due to its proximity to terminals. One of the major advantages of off-site parking is its affordability. Parking spaces that are farther away cost less money since they have to compensate for the distance you still have to travel to your actual goal. The further away the parking lot is located from the terminal, the cheaper the prices will be.
  • Traffic: Parking on an airport’s campus means travelers will be located in the middle of a high-volume traffic area which they will have to navigate in and out of.
  • Availability: Available parking spaces are another uncertain element that comes with on-site airport parking. On a hectic day, securing a spot can add additional stress to a time-sensitive situation.
  • Reserve Your Spot The providers offer you the ability to reserve a spot. This way, you will never arrive at the parking lot and have to count on luck to get a good or just any space.
  • Personal Assistance The staff of off-site providers is typically well-trained, friendly, and helpful, to give the customers their best experience.
  • Security Protects Your Car It’s hard to leave your car in the hands of somebody else and not worry about its safety.
  • Valet & Shuttle Service The premium service of off-site parking providers is the valet service. Less costly but still a great service is the shuttle transfer from the parking space to the airport.
  • Extra Services; Like Car Wash

Below Services are Free in our parking and you don’t need to think about if you can fast gone be on the road again when you return 

  • Battery Jump: Long term parking can draw your car battery, off-site parking can help you to jump up.
  • Tire Inflation Assistance: If your car has a low pressure in your tire, Off-site parking can inflate it for you to help get you on your way.