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What is the meaning of offsite parking? Off-site airport parking means, garages or lots are not located on the airport’s grounds. This parking option allows travelers to park in their lot for a set fee and use shuttle service to be taken to and from the airport.
Off airport parking is generally a cheaper parking option than On airport, but only needs a short transfers to the airport since our Ercan Airport off airport car park are situated a few miles from the airport.

9 Reasons to Use Our Off-Site Airport Parking

If you are planning to go on your next trip from Ercan Airport, you first need to think about where you will park your car. Parking in an airport garage or airport car parks is an expensive option and frankly rarely saves time. Off-site parking offers legitimate benefits that are worth considering when making your travel plans. Below, find a list of nine reasons why our off-site location may be the best choice for short- or long-term parking on your flights from Ercan Airport.

  1. You Can Save Money

    Parking at Ercan airport can be a big expense, especially if you are traveling for a long time. According to, the average cost of parking at airports is $30-50 per day. That means you could face a parking bill of $420 or more on a two-week trip. Off-site parking is usually cheaper. Park near the airport instead of at the airport and use your cost savings to spend on a massage on the beach or a super cool day trip while you’re away.

  2. Stay Away from Heavy Airport Traffic. From time to time, Ercan airport has very heavy traffic.

    Navigating heavy traffic at the airport can be one of your travel headaches, especially when you have left little time and are about to miss your flight because of some other unexpected delays on the way to go airport. Thanks to its off-site parking, you can completely avoid airport traffic 24 hours a day. Instead, use a quick, express shuttle to get to and from your parking lot. When you park at “Ayaz Car Park”, after your booking we will have arranged your shuttles when you arrive.

  3. Book in Advance

    Parking is available at Ercan airport on a first come, first served basis. There’s no need to risk limiting yourself to a remote spot and limited availability when you arrive. With our off-site parking, you can make a reservation in advance and benefit from flexible cancellation policies. Early booking will give you a cheaper price and save on your travel expenses.

  4. Get Car Care While You’re Away

    Airport car parks generally do not offer any other services beyond only parking close to the terminal. On the other hand, our off-site airport parking near Ercan airport offers facilities such as car washing and luggage assistance for a small fee, or even free in some cases. It’s nice to know that your car was washed or serviced while you were away… and better yet, when you get home after a long day of travel, it’ll be nice to know that a task has already been ticked off your to-do list.

  5. Choose Covered or Uncovered Parking

    While on-site airport parking lots are typically pretty secure, they don’t usually provide many options in terms of coverage. It’s nice to have the option to upgrade to a covered space to keep your vehicle protected from inclement weather. Off-site parking lots often offer both covered and uncovered parking, so you have more choices to meet your parking needs.

  6. Enjoy Comfort & Space

    On-site Ercan airport parking lots are quite cramped, which can make fender-benders and door bumps more likely. There’s nothing worse than arriving home only to find out your vehicle has been damaged. In general, because they are run outside of airport premises, our off-site parking lots provide you with more space and comfort.

  7. Earn Rewards & Free Parking

    Does your on-site airport parking lot offer loyalty rewards or give you the ability to earn free parking? Probably not. Our off-site airport parking lots often do. Here, at Ayaz Rent a Car, when you join our respective customers list, you can earn free parking, enjoy waived reservation fees, and experience easier entry and exit at any of our lots.

  8. Get Discounts With Existing Memberships

    On-site airport parking lots usually don’t offer deals from any partners. However, off-site parking lots are known to partner with other organizations so you can leverage extra savings. For example, Ayaz Car Hire offers 5% discount and waived reservation fee to members who park with “Ayaz Car Park”.

  9. Get Help Along Your Journey

    When you park on-site at the Ercan airport, more often than not you’re left to fend for yourself. Ercan Airport parking lots are usually so busy that you’re lucky if you can find a staff member to help you with anything outside of paying for your spot. Our off-site parking lots, on the contrary, tend to go above and beyond. In addition to the luggage assistance, car care, and free shuttles, mentioned above, here are some of the additional perks you might be able to take advantage of, depending on your location:

    • Round-the-clock customer service
    • Valet Parking
    • EV Charging
    • Shuttle Tracking

The “Ayaz Car Park” offers all of the above, though some amenities are only available at select dates of the year. Learn more about your dates to see everything that’s available.

We currently serve only to Ercan airport with 100 car park capacity. To discover what it’s like to park with us, visit home page to make your reservation today.