Off-site Parking
Near to Ercan Airport

Only 10 mins
Shuttle To Terminal

Parking Prices

Private Company Airport Parking Prices List

We are Ercan Airport car parking prices are very economical and our mission to make parking easy Our great private parking deals at from open air or covered space options, short or long-stay car parks, or whether you prefer a park and ride or a meet and greet service.

Short and Long Stay Off-Site Airport Parking Economic Prices (Park & Ride)

Car Parking
Park & Ride
Up to 14 Days
Park & Ride
15 Days & Above
Park & Ride
Minimum Charges
Park & Ride
Monthly Charges
Open Air
Per Day
Per Day
Min. Total
Per Month
Car Cover
Per Day
Per Day
Min. Total
Per Month
Indoor VIP
Per Day
Per Day
Min. Total
Per Month
Our reservation system adds a 10 Euro both way shuttle transfer fee to the total price as mandatory.

Quick Shuttle Service and Online Pre-Booking Available (Above Euro prices which is lower costs than offical parking)
We are trusted private parking near ercan airport, providing first-class service and excellence with over 10 years of experience in the industry, private parking near Ercan Airport. (Minimum charges may applied to the total)

Park and Ride Location

Ercan International Airport parking garage offers parking spot for around 100 vehicles.


Economic Car Park at Ercan Airport

Ercan Airport Long Term Parking, Our service is available at Ercan Airport location. Instead of Ercan Airport Offical car parking place you will find us easy and close location with low cost prices. Only Pre-Book Space Available!

  • 24/7 CCTV Cameras Recording
  • 24/7 Security Personnel
  • Low-Cost, Economic Prices
  • No Que! No Waiting!
  • Park and ride thru just 10 minutes shuttle to Airport Doors

In our private Ercan Airport Car Parking service, we have packages that will fit your parking needs. Please choose any parking.

Private Low-Cost, Economic Car Park

Low cost car parks, an economical option for parking, you leave or on vacation or business trip? Do you need a parking space to park your vehicle during your stay? Our private parking has selected a range of public or private parking, located near the Ercan Airport terminal.

  • Place Quaranteed
  • Secure Car Park
  • Arranged Shuttle
  • Zero Booking Fees
  • Free Cancellation

Frequently Asked Questions

You can arrive in the car park up to 1 hours earlier and leave up to 2 hours later without incurring a charge.

Our parking space is watching and recording by CCTV cameras, and also we have security guards waiting at the door 7/24 hours.

Our car park is very closes actually closest car park to the airport gates. You will only need to 10 minutes shuttle. We are sending exact location coordinates you can see from Google map.

Reliable & Safe

Closest Park to

Our private parking very close to the Ercan Airport within 10 minutes shuttle.

Exclusive Offers
with Package Prices

Up to 15% off from airport parking when booked with us.

Pre-Booking Space

Pre-booking is required, only way to guarantee your space and your price.

24/7 Security Personnel

We always making sucure our place with security personnel waiting in the car park.

CCTV Cameras

We record every moment with CCTV cameras in our autopark, 24/7 Hours.

Technical Support

On your return, if your car won’t start or if your tires have low pressure, we can get you on your way within minutes. Other technical support can also be arranged.

Do you want to save yourparking space and money ?